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With you to
climb to success

Expertise, collaboration and innovation to open up new business opportunities

With you to
climb to success

Expertise, collaboration and innovation to open up new business opportunities


We are a dynamic Consulting/Services Company run by experienced Senior Executives in the Healthcare sector, able to provide Italian and European market access to late-stage innovative pharmaceutical products and Digital Therapeutics (DTx), from Emerging Biopharma Companies. 


Founder & President


Founder & Vice President


Founder & Chief Operating Officer


To become the partner of choice for Innovative Pharma Companies aiming to extend their presence in the Italian/European market with late-stage speciality products and/or DTx to improve patient health and manage unmet medical needs.


To create and develop partnership agreements with innovative pharma companies through In-depth knowledge of the Italian and European pharmaceutical market and with an innovative licensing model.

Competitive Advantage


Sales Forecast

In-depth knowledge of the Italian and key European pharma markets with the capability to identify market trends and key business drivers.

Distribution & Licensing

Customer-tailored, innovative and flexible licensing model aimed at maximising business value and minimising investment risks.

Regulatory Activities

Established partnership with leading Italian and European regulatory consultancy agencies.

Market Access Activities

Robust experience in managing market access (pricing and reimbursement and health-economic evaluation) activities and collaboration with key Italian and European HTA bodies both at national and a regional level.

Brand Plan

Ability to develop a customer-centric brand plan identifying key market dynamics and leveraging growth opportunities.

Business Operation

Consolidated partnership with leading distribution and logistics companies to meet customers’ needs.

Sales Operation Planning

Outstanding collaboration with first-class Contract Sales Organisations (CSO) to develop and optimise product business performance.

Life Cycle Management

Relevant experience and ability to develop LCM strategies and implement tactics to guarantee product value and to maintain market dominance.

Consultants Network